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I am a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. I received my Bachelor of Science and Arts in Computer Science in December 2016. I was born in Miami and I lived there until I was about 10. Then I moved to Brownsville, TX and went to middle school and high school there. After graduated high school in 2012, I applied to the University of Texas at Austin. I've been living in Austin ever since. I love playing music and I was a member of the UT Pep Band as well as the UT Steel Pan Ensemble. I carried on my love for music and joined a local community band called blowcomotion. I love biking all over Austin on mountain bike trails and road biking on the quiter roads. I also enjoy solving problems, so I figured I would make a career out of it.

Relevant work experience

Elligo Health Research

At Elligo Health Research I work with a small talented team to solve engineering and business problems together and as an individual contributor. I've introduced some useful engineering practices that were adopted by the team. I help re-architect various existing services and plan for new ones. I review my teammate's code and they review mine.

b.Well Connected Health

The b.well connected health platform provides an all-in-one integrated solution for consumer engagement, holistic health management, and cost containment. Our use of longitudinal aggregated data creates a complete picture of health for each consumer and is aggregated to allow for true population health management. Our unique approach to partner integration allows our customers to change their programs in real time as the health needs of their population change, not on an annual sales cycle. With the b.well platform there is one contract, one implementation and the elimination of point-solution fatigue. We provide real-time transparent dashboards to all customers highlighting return on investment, cost containment opportunities, engagement metrics and outreach campaign outcomes, clinical risk factors and disease states. b.well supports health plans, health systems, employers and pharmaceutical companies to bring their digital strategy to life and enables them to provide their employees, members and patients with the one thing they do not have today; one place to manage all aspects of their health.

Interline Travel and Tour

ITT (Interline Travel and Tour) is an e-commerce travel company with international presence which sells cruises, resorts, tours, and air. As a senior python web developer I was responsible for helping implement five of ITT's websites. I also helped maintain two projects that I designed, implemented, and delivered while I worked for ITT as a contractor via SoalTech LLC

SoalTech LLC

I worked as a django contractor with SoalTech LLC. The only client I worked with was ITT

The University of Texas at Austin Department of Anthropology

As an undergraduate at the University of Texas, I helped an anthropology professor at UT maintain and design his NSF funded website once a week during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Caesars Entertainment Corporation

In the summer of 2014, I interned at Caesars Entertainment Corporation in Las Vegas, Nevada in their IT department as an intern programmer.

My Projects

Site Admin, Creator, and Owner

Site Admin, Creator, and Owner

La Calaca Bakery

La Calaca Bakery is a vegan bakery started by my wife. Check out her instagram!

BTCPayServer Payment Processor

I'm in the process of building and deploying a payment server for the bakery that would allow it to accept bitcoin transactions via the lightning network using several open-source projects including bitcoin core, lnd, and btcpayserver.

Elligo Health Research

I started working at Elligo Health Research in September 2021. I joined their patient engagement team as and have begun to contribute new features and bug fixes into production.

Root Platform

I've helped design and implement new API endpoints. I helped set up the testing environment for the platform so there are tests run in CI/CD. I've been learning React to help implement features on the front-end.

b.Well Connected Health

I began working at b.Well Connected Health during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

Content Management System Expertise

I am providing Content Management System expertise to the engineering and product teams. I am helping them transistion out of a tedious process to deploy content that has at least one month of lead time and involves several engineers to deploy content. I am helping change the system to reduce lead time and the amount of people involved to deploy new content to our platform. My experience developing 5 e-commerce websites for ITT with Wagtail from 2015-2020 has helped me provide this expertise.

Serializer Optimization

I am helping optimize the serializers for the connected platform api.

Interline Travel and Tour (ITT)

I first started working with ITT as a contractor while I was still in school at UT. After contracting with them for a year and a half and earning my degree at UT, I was hired to work directly with ITT. I combined projects spanning both time periods in this section because ITT was the sole client I worked with during my time as a contractor for SoalTech LLC site development site development site development site development
Cruise Pricing Importer Roadshow Kiosk Image Scraper User Tracking

The University of Texas at Austin Department of Anthropology

As I worked on completing the classes I needed for my Computer Science degree at UT, I started working with professor Denné Reed in the Department of Anthropology. He needed some assistance developing a couple of new features and updating some old code on two websites he ran for a paleoanthropology website. Those two websites are and Professor Denné Reed was the person who initally taught me about Django so I could learn the core functions of the Django framework needed for the website.

Automated Repository Installation Django Template Implementation

Caesars Entertainment Corporation

In the summer of 2014 I got an internship for Caesars in Las Vegas. This was the first time Caesars was running an internship program. Me along with 3 other computer science students at UT were selected to live on the strip in Las Vegas at The Quad hotel for three months while helping develop the IT internship program at Caesars.

Social Media Mention Tracking


Google has a three week summer camp that is targeted towards graduating high school seniors of minority backgrounds that have no computer science experience with an interest in learning it. I applied and was selected for Google's Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI). In the summer of 2012 I was housed at Santa Clara University along with 29 other high school seniors that had just graduated. Google would take us in a shuttle everyday to their headquarters in Mountain View. At their headquarters we were taught all day by Google engineers about the core fundamentals of computer science for two weeks. On the last week, we were split into 10 groups of 3 and each group developed a website with the guidance and mentorship of the Google engineers who taught us the previous two weeks. On the last day of the summer camp, the teams presented their websites to a live audience of googlers along with a stream for any googlers who weren't present at the demo. On the weekends, Google had various fun activities for us along with free time for ourselves.

Extreme Games
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